Jeff Steele and the Lost Civilization of NOYNAC



August 2001- September 2004

DARGE writes, produces and ultimately screens its' Sci-Fi epic “JEFF STEELE AND THE LOST CIVILIZATION OF NOYNAC”. Entirely shot on location (Utah / Oregon) with a Sony Digital 8 and edited via Final Cut Pro (version3) with animation via Cinema 4D-Go.

Directed by Clint Sargent, Jeff Dodge leads a cast of local Portland talent in this independently and locally produced Sci-Fi action thriller. Set in the mythical world of Kaia, retired Agent Jeff Steele (Dodge) is summoned for one last mission to search out a lost pilot (shot down by their mortal enemy, the Arnicans).

During his search, Steele himself is shot down and subsequently stranded on the vast uncharted plains of Greth. After surviving a year in this harsh environment, Steele is led to a trans-dimensional portal. There, he renews his quest for the downed pilot. Upon traveling through the portal, Steele's memory is erased and he emerges in the Lost Civilization of Noynac.

He is immediately enslaved in this empirical society and sold to Senator-General Seganeous (Kip Donald Johnson). Steele struggles to regain his identity while simultaneously becoming embroiled in the politics of a power crazed dynasty. Also starring Jemila Hart as Cassalonia, David Blanchard as Emperor Tiberious, and Patrick Randolph Bell as Vagan.

Running Time: 1 Hour 39 Minutes



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